In ‘All White Elements’ I show all the works of art I consider to fall under this heading. Meaning 3D installation art works in which as base I use the white colour of fabrics, chemicals, food, etc. in order to create, or call it 3d erasing or cutting, works in space where white has a powerful meaning.

dated 2003 until 2019 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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White Element 011


White element 11 (19-26/ 3-2017) Subtitle: Several ways to deal with a "readymade".

Forrest reserve Lusaka, Zambia Mixed media: Performance, wood pile (dimensions: 486cm L x 258cm W x 104cm H), maize and cassava flour.

White Element 010 / Leipzig (Germany)


Leipzig Tree Before and After.
3 may 2008
Tree and white soft paper ribbon. 

White soft paper ribbon wrapped around a charactaristic tree in front of the former Leipzig stasi-bunker.

White Element 009 / Weimar (Germany)


White Element 009
Weimar, Germany.
Weimar Tree, unbekannt 555, for and after,
1 may 2008
Buchenwald Konzentrationslager / German victim grave unbekant 555

Weimar Element 008 / Weimar (Germany)


Weimar Tree 1 (Children) for and after,
1 may 2008.
(Buchenwald Konzentrationslager / Kinder Lager)

White Element 007 / Perugia (Italy)


White Element 007 / Perugia (Italy)
Parco Santa Margherita (Santa Margheriata Park).
Before and after situation wth a cipres tree.
Soft paper and Cypress tree.

In this work I wanted to make a small gesture to a majestic cypress tree, which is a national tree of Italy, but this one is in a neglected "drugs" park of Perugia Italy. By making this gesture I show the viewer I'm "touched" by this tree and its worth looking at it by "making it in to a piece of art", also knowing the after 2 or 3 rains the paper will brake of and disappear. 

White Element 003 / Berlin


White Element 003 / Berlin Tree 03

In this work I just made a small gesture as I played with the 3rd tree on in the samen grasfield and to connect it with the 2 other trees I gave it a electrical socked size box / cube on its stam. just to mark it. It also is showing that this tree didn't inspire me to another form.  

White Element 002 / Berlin


White Element 002 / Tree 02, Berlin / Before / After.
Plaster element (size 30x45x110 centimetre). 
​A little bit different than the first element, to avoid to much comparison in size.

White Element on ME / Berlin


Performance to White Element 001 / Berlin.

Whithe Element 001 / Berlin


White Element 001 / Berlin Tree 01 / After / After / After Time
White Element Berlin Tree 01 is my first work in these series. The name is an easy derivation of place, time and what you see. Element is a name which could be used in the (post) minimalistic art movement, which I hugely appreciate.
Subtitles 'After' and 'After Time' means that the before picture would be the tree without the white element. 'After Time' means you see the effect of time on the installation. In the picture you see 3 stadia of the piece. I concider the tree and the white element as 1 work of art. 

In this installation time is playing an important role. The image is static, but the tree is not. It will move in the wind, it grows and natural elements like water are a life source to the tree but a danger to art.
Unnatural is one of the main issue’s here. Natural, Unnatural, Artificial, Art? The choice for plaster was a deliberate one. Plaster is unnaturally white and both weak and strong. Nature is stronger and will overcome the artificial.

The white element on the tree is a plaster element (size 30cmx60cmx120cm) (at max) and is floating 10cm centimetre above the ground. By deciding the configuration, size and shape I looked at the tree, visualize the 3D sketch and made a sketch in Photoshop (photo is lost).
Still I had to play with sizes which should work best. I looked at my body sizes (177cm x 49cm x 30cm) to see what this does for the size and proportions. It is also a way to have an even more personal connection with this tree. 

In these photo’s you Berlin Tree 01 After / After time / After 6 weeks
After: after I applied the plaster element
After time: what did time do to the white element
After 6 weeks: the moment I took the last picture and you see the effect of time.