Relief 041 / Swimming Pool floor 002

Relief 041 / Swimming Pool floor 002

38 x 24 x 2 cm, © 2023, price on request
Three-dimensional | Sculpture | Mixed Media

Relief 041

Swimming Pool floor 002 

Swimming pool floor 002 is a pattern taken of the floor of the swimming pool I exercise 2 to 3 times a week. Water around my body is relaxing, execisement makes me less anxious.

Patterns of a "normal" life are a collection of white reliefs in the carton Pierre technique (paper, plaster and wood glue and in this case tree seeds) in where I print the items that are and/or life around me, which I use in patterns or are patterns by themselves. Often the reliefs are made in a serie of 3, where in I see a connection and/or relation. 

In case of an apocalyptical event, and everything is exterminated, trees will grow out of these reliefs, or when the buyer of one of these prints is done with it, they can burry the work and trees will grown out of this relief.