180 x 50 x 50 cm, © 2020, price on request
Three-dimensional | Installation

Anthropocene Offender Victim

This is a coffin, made for Camilio’s size, with a high-pressure compartment inside so he may take his lifetime Co2 exhaust / footprint with him, into his grave. A high-pressure valve and hose are connected to the coffin and to a high pressure cylinder, so the CO2 from the cylinders – gotten from a filter catch system, which catches Co2 out of our air –, may be injected into the coffin.

A western person exhausts 58,6 ton of CO2 per year average [living / eating (meat) / transport (flying) / clothing (fashion) / food / fires (BBQ) / heating the house / cooking) / etc.], so in the case Camilio reach 80 years, he will take with him, in to his coffin into his grave: 80 x 58,6 = 4.688,- tons of Co2.


Rather than planning to die (anytime soon, at least), Camilio wishes to reach the state humans are in balance with the flora and fauna, the earth – so we don’t all end as victims of our own (in)actions.


The coffin is made of one tree, already replanted by three other trees.