75 x 134 x 3 cm, © 2018, not for sale
Two-dimensional | Painting | Mixed Media | On canvas

Triptych ‘Soil-Food-Form’

Tilted Square, Lowered Circle and Flipped Triangle in a new context together, as the food powders and the different soils add new layers together with the forms and their configuration. This 3 panel work tells a more complex story than just triangle, square and circle painted with paint.

Remember your first mathematics lessons where these forms popped up with all kind of different equations to be solved? Visiting Zambian and Malawian schools (in the city and rural area’s) does realize that this is universal. Visiting many cultural places (amongst them Mua Mission Malawi and Wayiwayi Art Studio and Gallery in Livingstone, Zambia) several examples where found of the use of circle, triangle  and square as general used symbols and in Africa this history goes way back in time and maybe even before they popped up in Europe.

These forms where, later in history, the main building blocks (though he spoke about sphere, cone, cube and cylinder) in the theoretical approach of Paul Cezanne (which finally led to cubism) and heavily used in the art movement minimalism and post-minimalism. In the art practise here is is also used on a regular bases as honour to minimalism and post-minimalism. In the African context here, it is more used as a start to explore the use of these forms / symbols in Zambia and Malawi and try to find historical evidence of their already long existence.