'Tilted Square’

'Tilted Square’

75 x 45 x 3 cm, © 2018, not for sale
Two-dimensional | Painting | Mixed Media | On canvas

'Tilted Square’
Maize flour / Lake Malawi Beach Sand / wood glue / varnish spray paint on canvas
44,5cm x 75cm x 3cm

A reflection of the present and the future of Malawi. 'Tilted Square' is consisting of Lake Malawi "beach sand" (reflecting unfruitfulness) with the white square in maize flour (standing for making the soil unfertile). Of course I wish the opposite to happen. 

Sand is in this series as it is the ultimate unfruitful soil for farming and from lake Malawi because this lake is the end station of a lot of fruitful soil flushing in the Lake because of deforestation. Causing the lake bottom to rise and killing a lot of fishes because of changes is water chemical concentrations. 

Maize flour is in this series because it is a food / crop item causing (farming by humans is) deforestation.