Extension Inside / Outside

Extension Inside / Outside

0 x 0 cm, © 2004, not for sale
Three-dimensional | Sculpture | Stone

Concept Outside / Inside:

'White elements for Rotterdam' (I decide to call the "white plaster block" an element) is a site specific work, which could have an extra concept layer of Outside / Inside. Which has not been executed yet. The concept could be applied on all white element art works.

"Outside model" plaster element on the trees and an inside model which represent the same white elements in the same position and high as on the trees outside. The holes in the inside elements is where on the outside elements the tree is "holding" the element. The elements inside are an exact copy of the elements outside.

The inside could be a gallery space nearby the try or somewhere in the same city / place as the trees. In that last case a live video system is viewing the "white elements" outside and beam it live on the wall of the gallery. This shows directly the effects the elements outside (weather / people / animals / moving and/or growing trees) have on the white elements on the trees and the safety inside of the art gallery.